Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March Madness: Clean-up, Clean-up

Oh that damn Barney song. But Miles loves to sing the clean-up song so I roll with it.

This is going to be a clean-up post. Tie up loose ends, answer questions that have been asked of me, etc. Very fun and exciting. If you needed some bedtime reading material to lull yourself to sleep you've come to the right place. Save this one for night night time and you will be good to go. Like a coma pill. I know you're grateful, you really don't need to thank me.

-Miles' lip is HUGE. I mean big huge huge. Almost cartoonish. But it just makes him is that possible? I really wish I would have taken a pic of it to post. Grant picked out a red shirt for him to wear to daycare today because, well, you know...if he busts it again the blood will just blend in. WE KID, we kid. He is in absolutely no pain and he is a-ok. And cuter than ever.

-I was totally geeking out yesterday over the new favicons for my blogs!!! Look, up there, on the browser tab! Isn't it adorable?? I am in the process of making a sort of "Blogging for Dummies Like Me" page with tutorials that will show you how to pimp your blog a little. Mine is definitely a work in progress so when I do figure out how to do something new I feel like sharing my joy ;) Look for that to come soon!

-I was informed by Grant that he is not, in fact, as uncomfortable with Miles' new doll as I made him out to be in the Guys and Dolls post. So, here's my retractions/apology: I agree with you, my love. Although you did make an "I don't know how I feel about this" kind of comment, you truly do encourage him to play with it and you are especially good at teaching Miles how to be gentle with it. And now I know that you actually read the blog, so....that's good ;)

-The birdhouse is here. I repeat, the birdhouse is here. Dogs beware.

-We skyped with my parents! But it was really funny because their microphone wasn't working. So not only were we on Skype with them but we were also on the phone with them so we could hear each other!!! Silly. The next day my mom sent me the sweetest email (subject line? "Mom Here" I kid you not.) saying that she can't believe how far technology has come in her lifetime: She can still remember when their phone barely connected with the farm next to them and long distance was nearly impossible. And now we can see and hear each other from thousands of miles away! Once again, my mom gives me perspective on the world.

-Those of you who followed my blog pre-"March Madness" know that Grant and I put ourselves on a cash budget. And I am happy to say that it is going GREAT. I can't believe that we have been doing this since Jan. 1 and are still going strong! It's really fantastic, I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to start getting themselves in a better place financially. We were never credit card users even before this, but now I don't even think about pulling out my Debit card. If I don't have the cash I am SOL. It makes me really think about each and every purchase. Not in a 'make you crazy' kind of way. In a good way. We are in a much better place financially than we were just a few months's amazing what a tiny tweak like that can do to your bottom line!!! We are going to have our van (which I lovingly call the Silver Bullet) paid off 2 years early. YEP. I know. I can't believe it either. Thanks, Frugal Grant ;)

Shhhh, my readers are sleeping......


  1. I actually *love* that song since I a) know all the words and b) get it to move Spencer into action... pronto!

  2. Okay, so I'm here to thank you for stopping by my place and to return the favor...

    Love the idea of the cash diet/budget thingie. May be a good place for me to start!

    I'm your newest follower!

  3. LOVE the favicon!!!! Love it!

    My husband is on a cash budget too - he just keeps withdrawing more and more of it :-)

  4. It takes more than that to put me to sleep I'm afraid! I didn't know the word "favicon" before I just read it there. When you get your stuff together about pimping a blog I'd like a look at it. I could use a pimp over at my place! (That sounded a little wrong.)


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