Friday, January 8, 2010

Rockin' the Resolutions

I must say I am kicking @ss at my resolutions. I'm kicking their butt and it feels great. Maybe I shouldn't really gloat yet since we are only 8 days into 2010. I have a looooooong way to go. Ah, heck, I'm gonna go ahead and gloat about my 8 day streak ;)

Here's where I'm at with my afore-mentioned resolutions:

1. I am a blonde again. Yep, got my hair did on NYE day and it was decadently awesome. Oh, except for the moment when my colorist says, "Yeah, the highlights will be perfect for covering all of your gray hair." Yes, ma'am. She actually said that. Little 22 year old punk. ;) She is great but little does she know how much I did NOT want to hear those words from someone who is up close and personal with my locks. Oh well, such if life. BTW, blondes do have more fun ;)

2. Gratitude journal is coming along swimmingly. I am not someone who is good at doing something at the same time every single day (like I suck at taking pills at the same time every day) but somehow this is different. I look forward to writing down the five things that I am most grateful for that day. I already cherish the memories that are written in that book. I have also added a layer to my Operation Attitude of Gratitude: I am going to tell people who end up in my gratitude journal that I am grateful for them. I think it's so important to tell others around us how we feel about them and how special they are to us....before it's too late. So, my friends, expect to hear about my gratitude for YOU.

3. I haven't really mentioned this as a resolution on the blog, per se, but I did mention that we had our finances on the brain. A read of Total Money Makeover has led to another REALLY IMPORTANT resolution: getting out of debt. Not to go into too much detail but we aren't in deep financial debt...we are just not in a place that we feel comfortable with. So it has to change. We don't use credit cards at all so that is one things that we don't need to worry about. But, for some rather obvious reasons, we have made some life choices (good choices!!) that have left us in a little bit of a hole that we need to dig out of. Step one of our total money makeover was to put a significant amount of money into a savings account. DONE. Step two was to go to a CASH budget. This is the one that I was totally and completely dreading. My debit card and I have a special relationship and did not want to part with it. ;) But part with it I have. We have allotted ourselves a certain amount of cash per month (after all bills are paid) and when it's's GONE. Here's the surprising thing: That which I thought was going to be super hard and restrictive has turned out to be freeing and easy!! I love the challenge of having the cash in pocket but I also have the power to NOT spend it. I have done really really well so far. It's amazing how much dough you drop on little things here and there that all add up--a coffee here, a lunch there. It all adds up. Now that we are doing the cash budget I really have to think ahead. Like I said, it's somehow so freeing. Just like He-Man: I HAVE THE POWER! Ha. I will keep you posted on how I'm doing as the weeks roll on. Oh, and a great side effect of the cash budget is less eating out which equals less calories which equals less weight which is equals less Anne which equals more happiness ;)

I have some other goals for the new year, like meal planning and parenting stuff, but for now I am happy with my progress on the others.

I have loved reading about all of your resolutions on your blogs. Keep it up!


  1. Hey, 8 days of resolution butt kicking is way better than no days of resolution butt kicking. Keep it going!

  2. I love all of these!! Mind if I use your resolutions as inspiration?!


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