Friday, March 12, 2010

March Madness: Things My Mom Learns From Oprah

I love getting emails from my mom. They always have one of two subject lines:

Mom Here (if she is addressing me)


Grandma Here (if she is talking about Miles)

I thought surely there would never be another subject line from her. Ever.

Until the other day when I got this shocker:

Subject: Skype

WHA?? I nearly fell out of my chair. This surely can't be an email from MY mother, the one who can't figure how to to check her voicemail on her cell phone, the one that only just recently joined Facebook (after I set it up for her). Surely MY mother does not know such a thing as Skype!?!

My parents are snowbirds, meaning they go down south for the winter. They head to sunny AZ to escape the 7 coldest months of the year in Minnesota. Smart people, my folks. They love it down there. They love everything except for the fact that their daughters and grandsons are so far away for so many months.

So, Sweet Jean (as Grant calls her) comes up with this brilliant idea to Skype with us from AZ. I'm pretty sure she got the idea from Oprah.

"Does your computer have a Skype camera on it?" she asks.

I love the fact that she thinks that Skype is a type of camera. That makes me smile. But mostly it just makes me miss her. Tomorrow is Miles' 2nd birthday and my parents won't be here to celebrate with us.

And obviously she is thinking the same thing. Miles is growing up and changing at the speed of light, and I know she doesn't want to miss a minute of it.

But honestly? I never thought my 64 year old mother would know the meaning of Skype. She proves me wrong, yet again.

(Thanks, Oprah, for turning my mom on to Skype. Oh, and I have always wanted to thank you for introducing me to Spanx. My muffin top Spanx you very much, too.)

Maybe she will get her 'Skype camera' set up in time to chat with us on his birthday? I sure hope so.


  1. This is a great post! We actually hooked my mom up with Skype as well... but she just goes and turns on the computer and opens the icon we placed on the desktop at the prearranged-by-phone time and waits for the call to come in! :-)

  2. Love it! Grandchildren are very powerful motivators, aren't they?!

  3. We love to Skype with the grandparents! We do it every Sunday.

  4. Hello!

    I found you through FFF on MBC and I'm so glad!

    You are so funny. (My muffin top "Spanx" Oprah too)

  5. Oh I remember when my parents got skype! My mum used to talk into the camera...

  6. I think that is super!! And she is super cool for being OPEN to the idea!

    I bought Skype (ha) for my In-Laws for Christmas 2 years ago. FIL is totally not tech saavy but he manages. At first he called us all of the time to just shoot the breeze (4 times a day) and it was funny - then annoying - then back to cute once he toned down the calling!

    Sarah loves to talk to grandma and grampa on the Puter (computer)

    You will have a blast with it!!


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