Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March Madness: Let's Talk About Sex

It's day 3 of March Madness and already I have run out of things to write about. Not really, but it FEELS like that.

So, I ask my right-hand man (crude joke, sorry) what I should write about.

His response?


Raise your hand if you are surprised by this very typical male response. Nope, not surprising at all.

"Sex. It's always sex." he says.

There is a great quote from Good Will Hunting (Minnie Driver says it): "Men are shameless. If you're not thinking with your wiener, then you're acting directly on its behalf."

True. True. True.

By the way, G is no different than any other husband out there so this should not be a "OMG she is OVERSHARING" type of thing at all. Every man is the same. I have never ever met one who is different. Ever.

Then my wonderful hubby goes on to say that he can come up with something better for me to write about, although there really is nothing better than sex. "Everything starts with sex and then develops from there. But it's a starting point," he says.


So, here I am. Writing about sex. Just like you wanted, honey.

As punishment for thinking exclusively with his Johnson, my husband will write a "guest post" later on in March Madness. I wonder what he will write about... ;)


  1. See, I knew this was going to be a great month here!! Hysterical, just hysterical. :-)

  2. My husband once advised me to write about "what a terrific lover" he is.

    It will take me a while to get around to that one.


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