Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Madness: Terrible Twos

Grant and I are in the process of writing our wills and it's a good thing we are. Because I don't know if I'm going to survive the toddler years with my son.

The Terrible Twos might be the death of me. In the very least it will drive me to drink. More.

I a.d.o.r.e. our son. I think he is the coolest kid I have ever known or will know. He is wicked smart, dang funny and full of LIFE. And impossibly cute, to boot. But there is a reason why God made toddlers cute. It's a defense mechanism for them. Kinda like the puffer fish.

Now, if only God made teenagers cute....

But I digress.

The whining, the crying, the tantrums! And that's just ME! ;)

I won't go into the details because he is doing normal toddler stuff: testing his limits, pushing our buttons and generally being a pain in the ass. Ha. Our daycare provider (a.k.a. Saint Sharon) tells us she does a lot of deep breathing techniques when Miles throws one of his fits. She says it has gotten worse lately, but assures us that it will get better. Oh, I hope she is right. Otherwise we are going to get booted out of yet another daycare. *sigh*

It will pass, as all things do. Everything with kids is a phase. He will get over it, and so will I.

And in the meantime I get through it with patience and deep breathing.

And vodka.

[more about vodka in tomorrow's post]


  1. Uhm, yes. I couldn't agree more. Last night after putting Spencer in bed I headed straight for the cocktail shaker. 12.5 hours straight of the *screeching*whiny*temper*fest* put my post-bedtime priorities very much in order. I'm nervous cause we haven't even hit the twos yet!

  2. REmember I have a 2 yr old and a 10 yr old?

    You will get about 3 years of peace and then they talk back and get snotty and really use their words!

  3. Hey! Ugh. In the last two days, my two year old has become my worst nightmare. I keep reminding myself that i got past it with my first two. I will with her too....I hope.

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  4. They're meant to drive you crazy - that's what margaritas are for... seriously, make sure you take some you time!! And it will pass - of course, my oldest is only four, so I haven't a clue about what happens after that ;).

    Peryl (From MBC)

  5. Ha!

    In our spirited child class we were talking about how oftentimes a child will seem to go completely nuts a few weeks before and after their birthdays - a lot of parents echoed the experience and the author of the book talked about it. Developmental stuff I guess. We had our toughest 2's time so far a little earlier than that, but holy heck, I swear it was worse than the sleep deprivation early on (not worse, but definitely close)! We've definitely got some insane limit-testing here too - last night D was totally over the line of tolerance with both my mom and I at the end of the night.

    And lucky us, I hear so many say the 3's are worse than the 2's!

  6. OMG! That is awesome! I love that bib! It's what I say all the time and my husband gets mad. He thinks it sounds terrible when I say that! LOL But we know how the terrible twos are in our house!!!

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  7. I love that bi~Too cute!!

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    Cute Blog and I am happy to see another from Minnesota as that is where I am too.

    Come check me out here~

  8. I love your blog! I follow from FFF at MBC!


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