Saturday, March 27, 2010

March Madness: Ode to Granny

We are headed to a very special birthday party today for a very special lady.

Grant's grandmother is affectionately known as Granny. And oh how we love our dear Granny. She might be turning 80 but she is all spunk, this one. I fell in love with her from the moment I met her. And I have just come to love her even more dearly as the years go on.

I never had a chance to know my own grandparents as an "adult" because I lost all of them by the time I was 25. So, I have been extra happy to know Grant's grandparents so well. They are each unique and lovely in their own ways, but Granny and I have so much in common--first and foremost a love of music. We don't get to see them nearly as much as we would like, but she and her hubby Grandpa J are sharp as tacks and so much fun to chat with. They are full of life and love.

And I think Granny might like me, too. At least she thinks I have a nice rack. ;)

The very first time I met her, while Grant and I were still just dating, she had some choice words of wisdom for Grant: As she was giving him a hug goodbye after our visit she whispered in his ear, "Hang on to this one. She's got a nice rack!" Can you see why I love this lady? We laughed the entire 5 hour trip home. Granny, only Granny...

Happy Birthday to one extraordinary 80 year old!

Thanks to Erin Jo for her amazing photo!


  1. That is AWESOME! So good to know that yuo have a good rack. Older people can get away with saying awesome stuff like that!

    I have two grandmothers who are still living - they are both 79.

    My granfathers both passed away when I was younger - less than 10.

    Having them in my life is a blessing... they are some awesome ladies!

  2. *snort* that's funny!

    Happy Birthday to your Granny!

  3. That is hilarious! What a lady. I lost my grandparent by age 26 so I hear you. I got to spend a ton of time with them, but I still wish they were here.

  4. If only one person in the world was a fan of my rack things might be different.

    What things? I don't know.

    Hope your Granny has a fabulous b-day!


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