Monday, March 1, 2010

March Madness: Day 1

What the HELL have I gotten myself into here?? I had to open my big mouth and be all, "I'm going to blog every single day for a month"--GAH! Damn.

So, what to write about....

I got nothin'. See ya'll later!

Just kidding, of course. I'm not going to quit before I've even started. I'm a blog loser but not that much of a blog loser.

I have gone back to read my blog theology and my first few posts to see if I can get my head back in the game. The thing that strikes me about blogging is that (and I mention this in my very first post) it's soooo narcissistic. So much of what we do these days is. Facebook. Twitter. Blogs. It's all electronic narcissism. But here's the catch: I'm okay with that. And if you are reading this blog I bet you are, too. If you are on FB, Twitter, or have a blog (or even just read blogs) you are a part of this it or not.

If you know me IRL (ummm, that means in real life, just FYI. Oh, and FYI means for your information. LOL! Oh, and LOL means...nevermind...) you know that I'm not all that vain. Except about my feet. I think I have pretty feet. No really, let me get a pedicure and then I'll take a picture. You'll see ;) Anyway, I just don't think I'm all that and a bag of chips. In fact, as is evidenced by the complete lack of self-confidence I have about my blogging abilities, I am downright hard on myself most of the time. We all are, aren't we? The people that I know who are the most cocky, shall we say, are also the most insecure. Think about it. It's totally true.

So, at least for the month of March, I have decided to shelve my insecurities. After all, my first words on this blog were, "This blog is a work of love. It's my love child, of sorts. It's purely for me. For the love of ME." Not narcissism...therapy, exploration, fun.

In short: Life is short. Blog.



  1. Me thinks this is going to be a very interesting time to be following your blog! :-)

    Seriously, I think you're going to rock it. Then, I think you are going to collapse from exhaustion!

  2. Good start! See you tomorrow!


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