Friday, March 26, 2010

March Madness: Does This Button Make My Blog Look Big?

I'm turning into such a huge blog nerd. Good thing it's just a hobby and I don't spend, like, lots and lots of time thinking about it and planning and plotting and tweaking and playing and ... crap. Is there a way to actually make money doing this? Don't answer that. Because I already know...NO. At least not enough to make me rich, and of course that's the goal, right? ;) I would even settle for just a little money because as we all know mama needs a new pair of shoes. Weekly. And the cash budget does not allow for such things.

The moral of the story is: I spend lots and lots of time putting meaningless junk out there into cyberspace for my amusement and my amusement alone. Yep. Blog nerd.

That leads me to the next example of how much of a blog nerd I am. I now have a button. And I love it more than I should. If you would like to grab my button please do so. I will grab yours right back! There will be a whole lot of grabbin' goin' on, in a non-dirty kind of way. I am even going to dedicate a page (see it up there on the menu?) to grabbing people's buttons and I will do it proudly and with no shame. So, I suggest you go to said page and start clicking away (when I get more buttons in there...)! Because there are some GREAT bloggers out there just waiting to be read and discovered. By you.

p.s. Please leave me a comment if you have grabbed my button so I can be sure to grab yours.

p.p.s. Thank you to Rae Ann at The Button Box for her help!


  1. I like the button! I don't have a "button roll" or display buttons, BUT I do have one!!!

    My husband made it for me and I too live it more than I should - I mean, it's just a graphic (a tool used for "advertisement" of my blog...).

    If you are willing to grab my button and display it, I would definitely appreciate it (but since I'm not really going to be able to do anything with your beautiful button I understand if you don't want to "grab my button").

    Anywho... Have a great Friday!!!

  2. Your button is lovely. I haven't done a button yet, but I would totally grab your button if I were into that kind of thing.

  3. I heart your button! But, what's a button for? (I'm such a loser!)

  4. I will grab you!

    I have started to get all sorts of offers, but none that tickle my fancy. Mostly, giveaway offers for me and my readers, but I just want cold hard cash baby!!!!

    Preferably in tens and twenties!!

  5. Great button! Don't have one. Jealous of your button LOL! I didn't have Jordache jeans in the 80's either ;)


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