Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Madness: The Grand Finale?

Today is the last day of March. YIPPEE!!! I made it!!! I blogged every single day for a month and I only had to get drunk to write like two of the posts. hee hee Just kidding.

It was more like three. LOL.

Again, I kid about the drinking. It's my thing. The kidding, not the drinking.

Several people have asked me if I plan on continuing this little blogging adventure after "March Madness" is over.

My answer is ...

I have at least until midnight to decide, right, so why are you people rushing me?? ;)

I started "March Madness" as a way to see if I could find my voice, find my way in the world of blogging and lose my mind a little in the process. And I am not sure if I have accomplished any except for the last one. It was really my answer to writer's block. And it did unconstipate (is that a word?) me a bit. March Madness: A Laxative for Your Blog. I should market that. Anyway, I think it served the purpose it was supposed to serve. But beyond that? My crystal ball is fuzzy.

Blogging every day is HARD. Not hard like doing advanced Calculus hard, but hard nonetheless. And did I have to pick one of the longest freakin' months of the year?? Apparently February with 3 less days would just not have done it for me. Gah! So will I continue to blog every day? N.O. But the big question is whether or not I will keep the blog up in general. Hmmmm...

I still struggle a lot with the fact that I really, really, really wish I could be as raw and honest on here as I truly want to be. I am envious of those bloggers who just seems to put themselves out there with no apologies, balls out, here I am, take it or leave it. I really wish I could do that. But the bottom line for me is that THIS blog can't be that. And I have to let that go and be okay with it. I have thought about starting another blog that is just out there and anonymous, and really dig into things on there. Anonymous sounds good sometimes. I am inspired by a blog that I recently found that was so amazingly pure, honest and simple that I am starting to crave that for myself.

But yet ANOTHER blog???? I have truly lost my mind.

I know there are some out there (who I clearly don't like) who think that blogging is silly, meaningless and low-brow. To them I say this: You have a point. ;) No, really...all joking aside I think that blogging has and will continue to open up whole new worlds of possibilities for me. There are friends to meet, things to say and fun to be had. I have actually really come to love this blogging world and the people in it. (A very sincere and hearty THANK YOU to all those who have been frequent commenters and all my cheerleaders out there who have encouraged me to just keep writing. I am truly grateful.) Where I fit in this blogging world is yet to be determined. But that's where the fun is.

So, to answer your question my dear readers: Will I continue All of the Above?

The answer is (in my best Minnesotan accent): Ya sure, you betcha.

And besides, Grant still owes me a post. Can't let him off the hook THAT easily. ;)


  1. Congratulations on making it! I am cutting back on my posting- It was too stressful to do every single day. I feel much better about every other day most of the time!

  2. Congrats!
    And we're going to hold you to it, you betcha! ;)

  3. Blogging every day is hard... blogging can be, feel, and seem stressful. And that's not fun.

    Trying to keep up with your own blog while also keeping up with readin other blogs is a lot of pressure. And that's not fun.

    But it is fun to write (at least I enjoy it). It's nice getting comments and communicating with other. The support is nice. That's fun.

    I think it's worth it... but blogging to the extent that you feel pressured to do it or it stresses you out... that's not worth it.

    Good luck finding your "happy medium." I'll keep reading, if you keep writing.

  4. Yippee!!! I am so happy.

    Love the MN accent!

  5. I was starting to sweat a little there! I was nervous that you were going away on us. WHEW! Glad to hear you are sticking around!

    Congrats on making it!! Blogging everyday is HARD stuff. Especially when you also want to read posts, check email, and maybe wash the dishes... Sigh.

  6. Having gone to high school in Grand Forks, ND, I know *exactly* how to say 'Ya sure, you betcha.' Tee hee!

    As for the anonymous blog, I have one. I set it up shortly after I set up Critical Mass so I would have a place to talk about sensitive stuff like my hub's jerkwad of a (former) boss. Funny thing though: I have never used it. I have always managed to find a way to talk about whatever was bugging me on CM in a way that was politically correct (enough) to vent but not make my life uncomfortable. You will find your balance. Good luck!

  7. Way to go making it through March Madness! I'm glad All of the Above will go on. I was just having doubts about my blog last night. Sometimes it does seem like I'm just wasting time.

  8. You didn't really think it was an option to quit posting/blogging, did you? Oh, you did? Um, sorry, that wasn't going to be allowed regardless of what you felt. Oh wait, it's your blog and you'll blog (or not) if you want (or not)? Fine. Guess I'm lucky that you'll be continuing at least to some extent! I do think you should try the anon blog too, I totally get why that would be helpful (and maybe you could have some anon guest posters too!). Just keep going, I hope you find your voice!

    (and yes, it took me three days or whatever of having this post open to come up with that nonsensical rambling. What else is new...)


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