Sunday, March 14, 2010

March Madness: Hump Day

This is my hump day. It's the day in the month that I have to get past in order to get past the rest of the days in the month. This blogging every day for a month thing is much easier in some ways than I thought it would be, but then again it's SO MUCH HARDER in other ways. This weekend was a doozy. In more ways that I can even recount. So, I won't recount. I have nothing at all witty, interesting or otherwise to say. Nothing in my brain except knowing that I have to get my exhausted ass to bed because Miles now apparently has a cold and will cough all night long. And what do I have to look forward to tomorrow? The Ides of March. Sh*t.

Yours Truly,
Pollyanna Sunshine


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  1. Hey, Pollyanna, at least you still got a post up! Maybe sometimes Mondays are good things? And the sun shone here today, did it down in your neck of the woods? (Ok, I never actually made it outside, sadly, but I'm still glad it was sunny) Hope you still manage to get some sleep, we both know the days are much brighter with some quality sleep as part of the mix.


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