Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Guest Post by Grant!

A word from Anne:
Have you ever seen Office Space? If you have then you will totally appreciate this post. If not then go and watch it -- then come back to read this post. ;)

I promised way back during March Madness that my husband would be guest posting at some point, so here he is! Enjoy!

*And by the way, I did not make him write that last line. But I may or may not have slipped something into his drink to make him hallucinate such things.


I live in the movie Office Space when I’m at work. I wouldn’t say any single character represents my professional life, but a collage of the characters can paint an accurate picture.

Here are a few interesting similarities…my Top 10 List:

10. Within the first year of my current job my cubicle has moved a total of three times. No kidding…if my manager utters the words “um yeah…I’m going to have to ask you to go ahead and…yeah…move your things down to storage area B” I’m going to burn down the building.

9. I am permitted to listen to my music at a reasonable level.

8. My co-worker actually produces a report that has the initials T.P.S. I hope he got the memo about the new cover letter.

7. I have a trusty Swingline stapler on my desk.

6. The digital display on my printer reads “PC Load Letter” from time to time. “PC Load Letter, what the f&%* does that mean?”

5. Our fax machine will one day wind up in millions of pieces in the middle of a pasture.

4. I honestly had a colleague use the phrase “a case of the Mondays” without making a reference to Office Space.

3. I have three bosses.

2. The ratio of people to cake is always too big.

Here is the funniest example and my inspiration for this post:

1. I had a meeting today with “The Bobs”. I can’t make this stuff up! Here’s the real story…you let me know if it reminds you of Peter Gibon’s initial interview with the consultants. Two folks from HR sat down in my tiny cubicle to learn more about what it is I do here (I had to move the Swingline stapler to make room for my guests). I can’t believe that I just spent two hours with two individuals to discuss what I do at work. I was torn about whether I should joke about showing up late and performing 15 to 20 minutes of work each week, or possibly going ballistic trying to convince the Bobs that I am a people person. After the work was complete I couldn’t help myself, I had to ask if they were fans of the movie Office Space. They laughed, and in fact, they joked about it when the meeting was scheduled. One of them has a spouse who recommended they introduce themselves as Bob and Bob.

At least my wife is as hot as Jennifer Aniston!


  1. That was a great post. I can't say I miss anything about the corporate world. 'cept maybe having an endless supply of post its..paperclips and pens. Oh, and having a cubby...being home with the cubby is often the bathroom. ;o)

  2. Oh man... this is *funny*!!! And, I gotta say, I enjoy this movie much more now that I am not working in the corp. world anymore...

  3. nice prompting for that last one! ;)good stuff Grant, if only you were as entertaining on facebook!

  4. First - LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!! i could see it over and over.

    Second - LOVE the last sentense :-)

    Third - I have a post coming out about our "Bob" and it won't be what you think, but we love the name Bob over here!!!

  5. Excellent post Grant! You should have your own blog. Love the movie Office Space - it's just one of those movies that never gets old.

    Oh and by the way, I totally agree with you about your wife. She is hot and has great boobs!

  6. awesome post...i think Grant needs a regular guest spot! i will totally have to show this to my husband...he will love it.

  7. I LOVE that movie!

    But is your swingline stappler red? :)

  8. if you are permitted to listen to your music at a reasonable level - it beats my place where I am "forced" to listen to classical music all day *yawns*

  9. whoa.. how do your readers know about your nice rack Anne? ;)

  10. Love that movie!
    You should post again, that was cool. And yes your wife is def hot like Jennifer if not more so :)

  11. I'm following from MBC! I'm excited to read more! I hope you will follow back :)

  12. I love that movie! I always enjoy being permitted to listen to music at a reasonable level while I collate.

  13. Following you from MBC

    Jeanette Huston


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