Monday, April 12, 2010

You Aren't Going To Believe This...

...except for the fact that I have pictures for proof!

So, I look out our bedroom window and see that Grant had put our handy-dandy dog bark repelling birdhouse out. Remember this post about the incessant barking that was driving me insane?

I was happy that he had put it out, except for one thing: I was totally confused and dismayed that it looked like he had put the birdhouse on HER fence right next to HER house!! What was he thinking?? I mean, it would have been one thing if we put it on our side of the fence, but REALLY...putting it on her side was going a bit too far.

So I ran outside where Grant and Miles were playing to ask him about it. His response? "I didn't put the birdhouse out yet." WHAT??? "It's in the office," he says.

I run inside to see this sitting in our office. Just like this:

And then I nearly die laughing. For real.

Our neighbor, apparently scared by little ol' ME, must have ordered her own birdhouse. The exact same one. Was she listening to our conversations?? Does she read my blog??? Whatever the case this is TOO weird to be true. But it is. And so funny, to boot.

Look, more proof that I do not make this stuff up, here they are together (see hers back there on the fence?):

Now what to do with the birdhouse that we have?

I'm not quite ready to give it up yet. I think it's good to hold onto as backup, don't you?

After all, we haven't heard a bark all weekend!!! Maybe two birdhouses are better than one?

Should I send her a thank you note??? ;)


  1. that is too weird!!! and a little creepy :)

  2. I have never seen anything like that! We have neighbors behind us with yappy barking dogs that they outside yapping away some nights... hmmm....

  3. whoa, creepy. Now not only does she have a crazy barking dog, but now she is stalking you...

  4. Talk about ironic...
    So those things actually work? We've considered getting one, but didn't know how well they worked. Hmm...

  5. OMG! That is so funny! She probably hates the barking too or someone else complained in the neighborhood!

  6. i LOVE it.
    keep that birdhouse. you never know...

  7. That is a CRAZY coincidence!!! I say keep it as backup for sure!

  8. OK, that is just *too* funny!!! Wow.

  9. I need to find that birdhouse for my parents. There are two dogs driving them crazy in their new house. I'm amazed that it works!

  10. YOu can keep it or send it to me!! LOL

    thanks so much for stopping by my place today!

  11. Funny! I wish my neighbors would buy one so I don't have to. But are people who leave their dogs crap all.over.the.neighborhood really going to buy one? I think not.


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