Monday, April 26, 2010

One More Favor?

ONE MORE FAVOR...and then I am done asking. I promise!!!

Some of you already "voted" for this last week (and thank you for doing so)....but those votes are now null and void. The short story is the voting was compromised and now has to start over.

You can vote TODAY and today only. And ONCE and once only.

Go to:

Scroll to the bottom of the page.

Enter your name and email address (no spam, don't worry), and then "12" in the comment section.

That's it!

I would love to win this photo contest so thanks for helping me out today!

Any favors I can do for YOU???


  1. Done! :-) Do you really want to know if there are any favors you can do for me?! Hang on while I retrieve my list here...


  2. Favors I'd like:

    1. for you to take my last two anatomy exams
    2. for you to do my anatomy paper
    3. for you to take me on vacation

    easy, right?

    :sigh: a girl can dream...

  3. I voted, who knew you just had to leave a comment - I was looking for a poll box thing (blond moment much?)!! You can make me some food, I'm hungry... LOL!


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