Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Do Me a Favor?

Dear Readers,

Can I ask a small favor, please? And in return can I just say that I think you are all the most beautiful, intelligent and wonderful people I have ever known? It's true.

Please click on this link: Olive Avenue Photography

Scroll down to the bottom of the page (admiring entry #12 on the way).

Vote for #12.

Repeat for the next 5 days.


I have entered my photo (isn't it adorable? that's Miles and one of his bff's, Sophia) into this contest and hope to win!

And my friend Jess is a very talented photographer, yes?

Again, thank you for voting. Leave me a comment telling me you voted so I can properly thank you. I am offering my FB friends either a big hug or a big kiss, and I will offer the same to all of my readers. Let me know which you would prefer ;)


  1. I voted, but keep up the reminders!

    They are SO freakin cute!!! Perhaps an arranged marriage?

  2. What a sweet photo! And I love Miles' tight curls!

  3. I voted and I agree with the Girl - that looks like a great photo to have on a wedding day slide show!

  4. I can't remember what I need to get at the store, byt I remembered to vote again today! And I showed the pic to Emily and she ooohed and ahhhhed!!!

  5. Miles looks like one cool little dude.

  6. I want to vote for you but I can't figure out how?!

  7. @Katie: I think the link is working? I hope?? You have to scroll waaaay to the bottom to vote. Thanks so much!!


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