Friday, April 16, 2010

Join the Minnesota Mom Bloggers Network!

Hey Fellow Minnesota Mom Bloggers!

I have created a new network for those of us who happen to be moms, happen to blog, and happen to live in Minnesota! I am constantly amazed at the wonderful friendships that I have formed through this world of blogging. The Minnesota Mom Bloggers network will allow all of us to connect and meet each other via our blogs, and the best part is that because I have created this as a geographical area we *might * even be able to meet in person someday! :-)

Here's the deal: You won't get any SPAM by joining this network. You can set it up however you want, visit as little or as often as you would like. There really are NO strings attached.

I have also created a group within the network called MN Adoption Bloggers. So, if you fall into that category please join in! And feel free to create other groups, as well.

I am planning a blogger get-together for the summer! If you want to be a part of that then by all means please join the network so you won't miss out!!!

To my "out of state or out of country" friends: I love, love, love you. Sorry to leave you out of this one. Hey--if you feel like you might be a Minnesotan at heart or have a Minnesota connection by all means join!


***EDITED TO ADD: Of course this would happen. Literally the moment I create this network Ning decides to close all free networks. Still, join in. Then if and when I migrate to a different platform you can come along. Crap. Here's the article.


  1. NO WAY! I will be there I want to meet my sister!!!! I can't wait to check it out!!!

  2. darn! I only meet the first two criteria. Have a fun event :-)

  3. That stinks about the NING networks. I wonder how long before Blogger will be charging us?

  4. Awww man, I can't join the totally cool new group! Shoot! All I need is to move to MN and make a baby. Fooey :)


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