Sunday, April 25, 2010

His Best Jeans

Grant and I had a date night this weekend. It was our first date night in quite some time. And by quite some time I mean that I can't even remember the last time we went out to dinner, just the two of us.

Sad? Yes. But that is the reality of life these days.

We started a regular date night BEFORE we had kids (weekly, on Wednesdays) because we thought that surely if we got in the habit before we had kids it would be easier to continue the tradition later...when we actually had kids. Bwahahahahaha! That is so funny to me now.

Naive, party of two?

I do believe in date nights, though. I believe that it is essential to have dedicated alone time with your spouse. And no, 10 minutes at the end of the day before we both pass out is not something that I consider good quality alone time.

So, I decided to make date night happen. We did a date night swap with some friends. We took their son one night and they took Miles the next. PERFECT. It worked out better than I ever imagined it would. We had a fun playdate one night and a fun date night the next. That will happen again, you can bet on that!

Here's the funny part: Grant (in his quest to get lucky) put on a nice shirt, cologne and his "best jeans" (his words) for our dinner date.

Then, I look over at him while we are driving to our friends' house to drop off Miles before going out ... and bust out laughing.


His "best jeans" had huge, green grass stains...on both knees.


It's so classic Grant. And it made me love our date night even more because it reminded me of the things that made me fall in love with him in the first place. He is one of a kind.


  1. Oh man, kid's jeans are the HARDEST thing in the world to keep in good condition.

    I love date night too. I wish my wife loved it more, but it's all good.

  2. You have a mused me with this post. My favorite lines:
    * In an attempt to get lucky
    * Naive, party of two?

    Good stuff!

    It is hard to have date nights post-kid. Randy and I go out just the two of us probably twice a year (for engagement anniversary and for our wedding anniversary). We go ut and have a really nice dinner. We go out other times during the year, but it's with other people. So those two nights are for just the two of us - and they are lovely!

    I'm glad you had such a great date night and that "date night swap" definitely sounds like a great plan!

  3. Aw, cute story - you do crack me up!

  4. Way to go Grant. That is really funny!

    We have had 1 date in 2 years!!!!!!!!! We spiffed up big time for that.

  5. Oh, that's a great story!! And I love the line "Naive, party of two?" That sums up the whole first year of this parenting gig for us I think...

  6. I like this date night swap idea... totally filing that one away in the idea bank.

  7. Great idea to swap date nights! That is a great story!

  8. Tee hee! That reminds me of my hubs. His 'good' pants would be black BDUs from the Army Surplus store. Nice!


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