Monday, November 9, 2009

Worst Blog Ever

I realize I have the most boring-looking blog ever. No cute little header. No badges on the sidebar. No fun links to check out. No bling whatsoever. Actually, I have done nothing except import my posts and plop on a free background to get me by for the time-being. I get the "Worst Blog Ever" Award for the moment. HOWEVER, I am working on it so bear with me!!! I promise to have a super fabulous looking (can't vouch for the writing) blog soon enough. I am making some decisions about my next steps so please don't go away yet. And thanks for following me to my new address. Blogger is my first love. Sorry Wordpress lovers but I just GET Blogger. I have used it now for over 3 years so I am going back to the familiar. Ahhh. Home again, home again. Jiggity Jig.

Now, if anyone can find me the time that I need to actually "Pimp My Blog" let me know. ;)

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