Monday, November 16, 2009

Who Knew?

Can I just say...WOW. Sometimes I am amazed at how things turn out for the best. I am a big believer in the ever-gratuitous "Everything happens for a reason" mantra. But this takes the cake. I am one happy and grateful mama today.

I am happy to say that we have found a fabulous new daycare provider for Miles. Not only did we find this new person, we also found out that there are LOTS of fabulous daycare providers in our town, and in our neighborhood for that matter. Who knew? Joanie and Uncle kind of fell in our lap right after Miles was born and we never even looked to see what was out there. Boy, has Miles been missing out. I mean REALLY missing out. Crafts, Spanish lessons, music lessons??? What are those??? They didn't have those in 1876 when Joanie became a daycare provider. (Oops. Can you tell I'm still a little, shall we say, not over it?? Yep, still snarky.) I have always been a fan of in-home daycare but now I am a solid gold, card-carrying member of the In-home Daycare Fan Club. You would not believe the three wonderful and passionate and amazing women we interviewed last week. Holy crow, they have more patience, energy and love for kids in their pinkie finger than I do in my entire being. I bow down and worship these women for what they do every single day. I couldn't do it. It was truly a hard decision to make after seeing three places where I would feel perfectly comfortable taking Miles. I expected there to be a stinker in the bunch--but that is not the case at all. They were all loving, well-qualified caretakers.

But after lots of thought and discussion we decided that there was one place that felt the best to us. So that is where Miles will start on Monday! Hooray!

Thanks to a friend of ours, we found said Wonder Woman very near our home. You should have seen Grant and I last night when we called Sharon to tell her we would like Miles to come to her daycare. We were practically giddy. We had just put Miles to bed and then raced downstairs to call her. I can't tell you what a relief it was to hear her say that she would LOVE to have Miles. I hope she knows what she is getting into ;)

I have to admit in the midst of being excited about this new situation for Miles, there is a small part of me who is still pessimistic. I am gun-shy now. I think there will be a part of me waiting for the other shoe to drop, for that grim phone call that says come and pick up your son he is too much for me too handle. Now that I have heard it once, I will never be able to purge it from my memory. There is no amount of optimism that can delete those words after they have been heard.

Am I wrong to be skeptical? I never doubt the incredible little person that Miles is, but I also know what a handful he can be. I know his quirks and they are sometimes even hard for ME to handle.

But I have to have faith that this will work out.

And if not, we do have a few contingency plans in our back pocket. Just in case... ;)


  1. how exciting and how lucky to find someone so quickly. I'm sure it will be great!

  2. I am glad to hear the good news!! I will all be great, you'll see!

  3. Thrilled for you to have made a decision and be so excited about it! The first daycare gave you what you needed for those 15 months or so - Miles loved it there and all was well. But now you and he are ready for the next chapter - the one where it will be awesome for him to have all those extras, and of course be somewhere that can embrace him for who he is. Change is hard, but sometimes good. I don't anticipate you getting any more out-of-the-blue kicked-out calls, cause it should never have been handled that way in the first place. So here's a Monday you can actually look forward to, right?

  4. so glad you made it through this... and ended up in a better spot than where you started. i read the whole ordeal and am just now getting to a comment. you were on my mind. i know, as a full-time working mama, how important it is, knowing that your boy is in good hands. and i also know a little bit about a boy (or two, or three, in my case...) that can be a handful. i'm glad that you know that he should never be stifled... and i'm happy that you've found a wonder woman to help you raise him up. precious as gold, i tell ya.

  5. As a daycare provider myself I LOVE to read stories like this!
    I have very full days with my daycare kids! We have lessons everyday from math to science! I play the piano and the kids are learning to play! We cook together and have craft projects every other day. We read all the time, they go outside for fresh air when weather permits. There is no t.v. on at all! We have a movie on Friday afternoons after the movie has been pre-approved by the parents! They often times come home from work erly to watch it with us!
    I feel it is my duty as a daycare provider to give the children the very best I can, they get the same things as my children!
    My parents tell me all the time when they come over from other day care providers they had no idea this is what it's suppose to be like!
    Good luch with yours!
    Oh, almost forgot! I'm now following your thru your award on The Girl Next Door Grows Up!
    come visit my blog! I'm having a give away!

  6. I have left you an award on my blog because I like your blog! Enjoy!

  7. I'm just getting caught up, I missed all of this. But, glad to hear that you found another daycare for Miles. We, too, are very happy with in home daycare and I'm glad that you found something you like!

  8. Good news--you will have to share with me who you went with as I am still looking.--well I haven't really started to tell you the truth but I need to start.


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