Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why We Are In Love With Edward Cullen

I am Team Edward.

Now you know where I stand. ;)

If you have read the books (I have read them all--twice) or seen the movie (I've seen it, uh, let's say "more than once") you have an infatuation with Edward Cullen on some level. Admit it. He is the perfect man. It's not just Robert Pattinson's smoldering, other-worldly good looks. It's not how Stephenie Meyer wrote the character (let's face it--it's not high literature). But there's something about Edward.

Robert P. made an appearance at The Today Show this morning. I guess people had started lining up yesterday to get a glimpse of him. There were signs that read "I am in love with a fictional character". It's CRAZY. Even being a huge Twilight fan myself I still think all of the hoopla is over the top. Granted, I am going to see New Moon on Monday night with my bookclub (we read and discussed the books together) and I But I don't have my vampire teeth or Edward t-shirt lined up and ready to wear. I'm excited but I'm not that excited.

Why does Edward get us so hot and bothered? Let me try and tackle this one:

Why We Are In Love With Edward Cullen

1. He probably never has BO or bad breath. That's hot.

2. He never sleeps so that leaves more time for, ahem....other things. Enough said.

3. He is eternally ripped.

4. He always has time for you because, well, time is all he has. Attentive. That's also hot.

5. He has a gorgeous house and expensive cars.

6. He is wicked smart, polite, witty and uses proper grammar. Sexy.

7. He knows how to rock the hair gel.

8. He loves his family and is super protective of them. Endearing.

9. He can kick anyone's ass.

10. He is mysterious. Alluringly mysterious.

The fantasy is fun. But in the end would you really want to spend an eternity with a perfect man? Might get a bit boring. Unless, of course, you are perfect, too. But again: Boring. I am ok with MY perfect man. He not boring. And I got to marry him! Lucky me ;)

Any other Twilight fans out there? Do you have your tickets pre-purchased?? Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob, and why??? Just curious...


  1. Team Jacob all the way!! Personally, (please don't hate me!) I think Edward is kinda annoying and emo. All that angst and not wanting to get naked because he might hurt her. Who wants to have to worry about that?!? LOL And Jacob is much hotter IMHO. I would hate to be with a perfect man! Talk about feeling inferior all the time. (like Bella?)

    We are going to see the movie next week, me, my daughter, her best friend and my MIL. Can't wait! Not sure what day we are going....

  2. Team Edward all the way baby!!! Vampires = HOT Werewolves = NOT How Jr. High is this?? :)

  3. Hmmm, can I have both? I am as fickle as Bella!

  4. yummy. I think I like him because he loves unconditionally. Perfectly. I don't even think the actor is cute...just EDWARD. Not cute...SEXYHOT! LOOVOEOEVE him...and I am so not like that normally...but way too into this story/movie.

    But no pre purchased tickets. I can't stand the thought of sitting in a theatre with silly teens to ruin the mood. I'm waiting until the closet 30 somethings come out after the hype.

  5. @Brynn,

    Vampires = Hot as hell
    Werewolves = Hot

    I just don't really care for Edward. I know. I'm horrible! LMAO But have you SEEN the previews of Jacob in New Moon with his shirt off? OMG. Total giggly fan girl here....

  6. Alright, by the way, you've sucked me in - I downloaded Twilight (first book) to my iTouch the other night and I'm throwing myself into this madness. Yes, I can tell I'll get hooked. But I think I have to stop reading any entertainment gossip stuff then cause I really don't like KStew and think RobPat is a dork but think Tay-Tay is a cutie (but haven't gotten that far in the book to "meet" him).

    Yes, I am a giant dork cause I have no time to keep up with anything in my life yet read this gossipy stuff as the fluff to fill the empty space since I can't concentrate on anything heavier! :)

  7. Ha! Team Jacob - no hard feelings though, I do understand what you see in Edward ;) It was fun gathering the girls in the family together and heading off to the movie for some girl entertainment!


  8. Team Edward for me. Prefer the first book out of all of them. Have yet to watch New Moon. Jacob won't sway me. :)

    Visiting from MBC, and following you. Hope you'll do the same.


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