Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Proposal (Part 2)

There's really no good news OR bad news to share. Just news :-)

The long and the short of it is that the 'power that be' was less than enthusiastic when I presented my eloquent and well-thought-out proposal (I think I said a lot of things like "ummm..." and "ya know?" ... not my best delivery of all times). But I am pretty sure it wasn't HOW I said it, it was WHAT I was saying. It obviously isn't ideal for me to not work one day in the week, especially considering how tiny our staff is.

So, after more thought and conversation we decided that a happy medium would be for me to just take some days off this summer when I felt I needed them. I have time off, and I should use it. I have already planned some time off so I can spend it with my boy and that makes me happy for the time-being.

Best of both worlds? Maybe. It would be great to have a 4-day work week but for right now that is not in the cards.

Now, who has some good ideas for some fun mommy/toddler activities to do this summer???


  1. Gee...I guess I thought you already had Fridays off?? I'm glad that you came to a happy medium. I think it's a constant struggle for women to feel out their "place" in life and find a good balance between work & family. I will also say too that Eleanor has had phases where she wanted to stay at Diane's house. No big deal. Now she runs to us whenever we pick her up. Hand in there and enjoy some time off this summer!! Remember: I have every Thursday & Friday off, so if you ever want to get together let me know!! :)

  2. I'm sorry you aren't getting your 4-day work week... That is a bummer.

    some fun things to do - go to the pool, to the zoo, to the library, to a park...

    Have fun!

  3. That's too bad! Pools and playgrounds are always fun. :)

  4. Pool day sounds fun. I am in!
    You could always come and hang out with us at our house. :) Anytime.....

  5. Sorry to hear that. I suggest going to the library and the zoo.

  6. Sorry you didn't get the full day off... bummer!

    Spencer says "ZOO!" :-)

  7. Uggg. Sorry things didn't work out. At least you are getting some time off this summer.
    Pools. Zoos. My boys love long walks too.

  8. We're just enjoying having a yard - lightning bugs, sprinklers, scooters, picking wildflowers...

  9. Oh...kind of a bummer but you have a good attitude! Fun things- strip the child down to nothing, stick him outside with finger paints! Then, to wash off, sprinkler time :)


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