Friday, June 18, 2010

Feel Good Friday: Michael Jordan!

So, we had some bad weather here in Minnesota yesterday.

For about 25 minutes last night we had some REALLY bad weather roll through our neck of the woods. Small trees uprooted, large branches down everywhere, power lines down. And we didn't even get the worst of it, not by a long shot! There were like 35 tornadoes in Minnesota yesterday and thankfully none of them landed in our neighborhood, or anywhere really close.

There was lots of damage and even some deaths associated with this storm so I don't want to make light of it.


Last night was so much fun!!!

This probably sounds freakish considering the weather that we had with an inch of rain in 20 minutes and 60 mph straight line winds. And I HATE storms. Hate. I was nearly hit by lightning last October (that is for a whole other post) so I really, really, really despise storms.

[At this point you are wondering what the hell this has to do with Michael Jordan OR Feel Good Friday. Keep your panties on, I'll get there.]

When the sirens went off we were in the process of trying to get Miles to sleep. We knew there was the possibility of the sirens going off but we were going to give it a shot anyway. So when the sirens went off we grabbed Miles and headed for the basement.

For some reason it was fantastically fun to hunker down in the basement, the three of us snuggled up on the couch reading books. And Miles was having the time of his life! He was getting to stay up way past his bedtime and hang out with his two favorite people! What could be better?! He was silly and sweet and funny and patient as we waited out the storm. It was so much fun and made me incredibly happy! [There's the Feel Good Friday moment, Part 1]

We were flipping back and forth between the weather coverage and the NBA finals. We couldn't care less about the NBA finals but I knew Miles would dig it ... he loves watching basketball on TV. He will cheer loudly and enthusiastically when they make a basket and he will say "almost!" when they miss. It's friggin' adorable.

And then they cut to some commentary. For some reason they were listing some of the bball greats, "Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, ..."

Then came the scream out of Miles mouth: "MICHAEL JORDAN! MICHAEL JORDAN!"

Clear as a bell.


Grant and I looked at each other in disbelief. We are NOT huge basketball fans, nor do we talk about Michael Jordan incessantly (or at all), nor do I give a flying fart about basketball.

And why, out of all of those names would be have picked out "Michael Jordan" when he was only half paying attention in the first place???

Then Grant remembered: Once a long time ago we went to a pizza place where they have a Michael Jordan pinball machine. Grant remembers saying, "That's Michael Jordan." ONCE. One time. Ever. Never to have uttered his name again. Why on earth would that stick in his little brain?

Some would say (and you know who you are) that it's because he is destined to be a basketball superstar.

I say [and this is the Feel Good Friday moment, Part 2] it's because my boy is brilliant and wicked smart! [parental bias notwithstanding :-) ] His brain is like a little sponge and we are constantly amazed at what a two year old can absorb and learn and RETAIN, even after just hearing something once.

So next time you are around a two year old watch what you say! You never know when it will pop back up and out of their mouth!!


  1. I say he's going to be a pinball wizard!!

    We once had a GREAT time when there was a power outage- no storm, though. We did bathtime by candlelight, read books with a flashlight, went outside and TALKED to our neighbors. I wouldn't mind a power ouage from time to time!

  2. Do I dare admit, I was in the basement(well freaking out a little, but mostly working), but my boy was fast asleep on the top floor? bad parent. I almost got him, but didn't.
    Very cool little brains these buggers have!

  3. I love it! I was getting dressed the other day and I put on this blue and white shirt. Sarah told me that the last time I wore it was to her sister's concert at school. Even I had to think about that one and she was right? Our kids are brilliant!!!!

    On a sidenote I do not want to make light of the storms either, but really... Kiester, MN?


    "Hey, did you hear they got hammered in Kiester?"

    I would love to live in Kiester. I did not even hear of that poor town until last night, but now poor Kiester is all over the news.

  4. Glad you were able to actually embrace and enjoy the storm a little - I was thinking about you! And my gosh, what a hoot about Miles and the Michael Jordan reference. You are so right, these kids pick up EVERYTHING and bring it back out again when you least expect it. Makes for good humor but I do have to watch myself sometimes!

  5. Awh Super Adorable! I think he is VERY smart to remember that. Kids are amazing. Glad the storm passed on by and you got to have some giggly fun in the basement.

    Stopping by from Feel Good Friday! :-)

  6. OK - this does *not* make *me* feel good though.... they remember everything you say and do?!?! Cr@p.

  7. I heard about those storms last night. Glad you made it through okay. I grew up in Kansas and know a thing or two about tornado sirens and running to the basement. Didn't care too much for those things. ICK!

    Funny what kids remember. I know our kids can remember every detail about things that I still don't know actually ever happened!

    Happy Friday!

  8. That's the truth about not knowing when things will come back out of their little mouths! Waiting out a storm can be nice family time as long as everything is relatively okay when you come out. I once spent about 20 minutes under a heap of couch pillows in the corner of the basement with my mom and dad. When we came out there were 13 trees uprooted in the yard. Sucked the whimsy out real fast.

    I'm so glad you guys made it through what sounds like a pretty scary night.

  9. Don't you love it! Not the storms, the things kids can say! Not crazy about storms either ;)

  10. They do take so much in, don't they?

    I love the coziness of a big storm. There is something comforting about being together and snug and safe, and having limited options of things to do.


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