Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympics Feeva!

Someone take my temperature. I think I have Olympics fever. Or rather, Olympics Feeva!

There is just something about the Olympics. Maybe it's all of the nations coming together and the [fake] unity that picture paints. Maybe it's that I still cry every every time I see a medals ceremony and they play the national anthems. Maybe it's hearing the amazing back stories for all of the athletes and then feeling like you really want them to succeed. Maybe it's the drama that all of the "thrill of victory, agony of defeat" creates. Maybe it's just plain fun rootin' on the home team.

I don't know what it is about the Olympics, but I love it.

Grant was jokingly saying, as we were watching pairs skating last night, that skating is for sissies. Holy cow, is that ever the furthest from the truth! Skating is for incredibly muscular, flexible people who have no fear of being flung 20 feet over cold hard ice. And for people with discipline, which I lack. Their costumes are a bit sissy-ish, I will admit. Did you see the pair that had kind of a "clown" theme going on?? Not cool.

In any case, I am completely in awe of the athletes. They dedicate their ENTIRE lives to one thing and have a singular goal in mind: GOLD. I can't imagine having that kind of focus.

I was trying to think, if I was forced to choose one winter Olympic sport to compete in, which would I choose?

You know what I came up with?


I'm too much a wimp for any of the other sports. Alas, I will never be an Olympian.

Although, my name next to "5-time Gold Medalist" does have a nice ring to it.

*Oh! And now I have another thing to add to My Someday List: Go to the Olympics. (And by go to the Olympics I do mean as a spectator, as we have already determined I could never make it there of my own athletic prowess. Maybe Miles will be an Olympian?! As long as it's curling, I'm ok with it. Nice, safe, feet on the ground curling.)


  1. Hubby and I had pairs skating on for a little bit last night too. His comment, "we could do that." When I asked if he thought my inability to stand up on ice might impede us, he said, "baby, we can do anything."

    It's nice to have support, but I think he's crossed a line!

  2. I love this post. In part, cause I'm on the same page... but mostly because it has me laughing out loud!

  3. I get sucked into the personal stories too.

    During the last winter games I was sure that I could do the figure skating move where they take their leg and bring it backwards up to their head - do you know the one?

    Well, I can't do it. And man alive did I hurt the next day :-(

  4. Oh boy, do I know what you mean!!! I just love the winter olympics - all of it!! My favorite is the figure skating, followed by the skiing, and then the speed skating. I love everything else too!! SO COOL.

  5. (by the way, I did have this open to comment on right after you posted, but obviously didn't get that done)

    I LOVE the Olympics though I've seen so much less of this round than any for the previous I don't know how many years, thanks to somebody's love for Elmo over the sports. That said, I get really caught up in it too - crossing fingers (um, even though I'm watching it delayed and the results are already done, as if it'd matter if it was live, but still), crying, cheering... I love finding others who love it too! That said - that snowboard racing, that's what you should go for. You know, the insane one where it's four people at a time? Go for it!


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