Thursday, February 11, 2010

Euro II Grow With Me Chair REVIEW

I have been wanting to do a review of the Euro II Grow With Me Chair for ages, and I am finally getting around to it. I am by no means getting any kickbacks for this review--I just wanted everyone to know about them!

I was first introduced to these awesome chairs by my sister who purchased them for her two boys several years ago. Her boys love them. The seat and the footrest are both adjustable which makes the "Grow With Me" part really true. I think the boys were 3 and 5 when my sister got the chairs for them, and now they are 6 and 8 and they STILL sit in them and love them.

Miles also loves his chair. In fact, the reason we have one is because of his obsession with his cousin's chairs. Every time we went to their house to eat he just HAD to sit in one of their chairs, and would refuse to sit in his highchair. I thought, what better way to get him to be excited to sit at the table! So my parents got us this chair for Christmas (thanks mom and dad!). I love love love not having the huge highchair sitting in our dining room anymore. This chair has the look and feel of a "regular" chair so of course it's much more stylish to have around, and the bonus is that it is appealing to Miles as a "big boy chair".

The chair comes with a plastic seat cushion, which I think could be improved upon, although it is very cleanable. My mom ended up sewing some chair cushions for the boys chairs that are much cuter and more comfortable. But for right now I am happy that I can just wipe the seat down and be done with it. (You can also purchase a backrest and seat cover online.)

If your child still needs a seat belt restraint and tray I would recommend the highchair version.

We chose the cherry color over the lighter natural color because it matched our dining room furniture best. But the one drawback to the darker color is that scratches (or teeth marks in our case) show up really well. The lighter color might be a better choice if your kid will be rough on it. The chair itself, though, is very sturdy. I never worry about Miles tipping it over. In fact, that would be hard to do, so I feel like he is really safe in it.

The best price I found online was $89.95, and if you can find a site with free shipping then BONUS! There are similar chairs out there but they are much more expensive. It's such a great investment for a wonderful chair that you will use every single day for years and years. I would highly recommend it for your kiddos!!!


  1. Darn you! I've been wanting to get one since seeing Miles' and now you had to go and do a review and post a link. We may end up with a copy-cat chair one of these days!

    Shawna & Soph

  2. I've thought about chairs like these before. We're still using boosters, but these would free up two of our dining chairs. Hmmm. :)

  3. That does look like a nice seat. My daughter has trouble staying in a normal chair - she's apt to playfully fall off the side. Something to think about!


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