Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Your Assignment and ... My Response

If you read my post from Friday you will already know that tomorrow is the big 77kids Do Good Day! Our Minnesota Mom Bloggers Do Good Day Team will be at the Minnesota Science Museum from 10am-1pm. Stop by and say hi!

And speaking of that, Erika came up with a great way that YOU ALL can get involved in this Do Good Day, too. So, here is your assignment:

~Write post about how you do good for others or for your community. Then go to The Girl Next Door Grows Up and LINK UP tomorrow!
* What kind of random acts of kindness do you do?
* Have you ever paid it forward? How?
* What will you do today that will make someone smile?

~If you can’t write a post, come back here on Wednesday and leave me a comment about something--one thing--that you did that made someone smile.

Now...I need to respond to Erika's post about how she is so nervous/excited to meet us bloggers in person that she is, frankly, a little nauseated.

Dear Erika and Do Good Day Team:

I am excited to meet you ALL in person tomorrow. Super, duper excited! I always love to meet bloggers in person because if I have been reading you blog that means I know you already, right? :-)

It definitely feels *safe* sitting and blogging from the relative anonymity of your computer. But that is a false sense of comfort! The truth is that we are all real people!!! So meeting in person, while in theory fun and exciting, could also be stress-inducing. But here is what I have to say about that: It's ALL GOOD. I know I will adore each and every one of you, therefore, I am not stressing in the least.

In response to Erika's post I will list some things that I think would be helpful for you all to know about me in advance of our meeting tomorrow:

1. My hair is all kinds of not fabulous right now because I refuse to pay more than $20 for a cut and color. Total. It's super awesome.

2. I do not go potty 100 times an hour like Erika, in fact I am the opposite. I have a bladder of steel and I am made fun of for it. That's just how I roll.

3. I tend to giggle when I am nervous.

4. I am nosy and will ask you a million questions about your life and your family. You have been warned.

5. The back left tail light is out in our van. So if I am late it means I have been pulled over. Or I am getting a coffee. One or the other.

6. I will only do a vlog with Erika if we can also videotape her running. Those are the rules, my dear, take it or leave it. :-)

I will have my camera with me and will be doing a "Meet the Team" post after Do Good Day. So, watch out! I might post the outtakes, too :-)



  1. I am so jealous of y'all and your steel bladder!

    Have a great time tomorrow!!!

  2. (gasp). You snot!!! Videotape me running, eh. OK!!!!

    A million questions I can handle. Asking me the same question a million times like Sarah does, I cannot. That drives me nuts.

    And I too am jealous of your bladder of steel. So not fair.

    See you soon!!!! Drive safe!!!!


  3. I have a bladder of steel too, I'm often referred to as a camel. Of course, being 8 months pregnant, it's compromised a bit - but I'm still pretty good :)

    So we have that in common.

    Cant' wait until tomorrow.

  4. Have fun! can't wait to hear all about it!

  5. I vaguely remember that when I first opened this earlier today, I had some awesome, witty response to share about what peeps can expect when they meet you. I have no clue now what that witty comment was going to be. Let's just say I hope your big day is AWESOME and I wish I could be there to cheer you on in person! I love ya and I know all your new friends will love you just as much in person as they have via your blog.

    After all, we know just how strong a friendship one can find via blogging, don't we? (Yeah, missing ya!)


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