Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Twittvite

I just Googled "Twittvite" and apparently there is a "Tweetvite" but not a "Twittvite". Should I coin the term??? Will it make me rich and famous??? Probably not. Dammit.

In any case I would like to offer you all a Twittvite, or an invitation to follow me on Twitter:

Anne's Twittvite!

I have recently discovered the power and magic of Twitter, even though I have been on there for quite some time. At first I could.not.figure.out why on earth people liked Twitter. I just didn't get it. I love Facebook but I really just couldn't get into Tweeting.

And then ...

... the clouds parted and the angels sang me a sweet Twitter song.

And now ...

... I GET IT.

Don't ask me to explain it because you have to have the epiphany yourself.

Pray to the Twitter Gods and maybe you, too, can be so blessed.

I tend to be Tweeting quite a bit lately, so come and join the fun!

* Disclaimer: My Tweets are only funny after I've had a few too many drinks.


  1. Can you explain it to me?! Please?! Or at least promise me several giggles so I actually log on?!

  2. I wish I could unlock that magic because I gave up and deleted my account...I still don't get it :(

  3. I kind of get it...just never seem to remember to tweet!

  4. It took my three times to love Twitter. Now I can't imagine life without it!

    And I must say, your tweets are pretty funny!


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