Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Let the Truth Be Told...Today

I need to tell you all something and it's painful so I'm going to come right out and say it:

The truth is...I am cheating on you.

With another blog.

Do you remember all of my waxing and moaning about how I wish this blog was more 'anonymous' because I would feel so much more free to write what I wanted to write without trepidation? And remember how I said I was thinking about starting yet another blog to fulfill that desire??

Well, about a week ago I DID start another blog.

You know, with all my spare time.

It's out there and anonymous and I have ZERO readers and it's FANTASTIC.

Writing just to write is amazingly freeing. Writing just to have an outlet for things I am struggling with is so therapeutic. SO therapeutic. Hitting "publish" and letting it all out there in the universe is fabulous and I really love it.

I'm not really cheating on you, per se, but I have been rather neglectful. This is my first post in 6 days because I have been working on posts on the other blog. Sorry.

But have no fear. (Because you are all shaking in your booties right now of course because you all LIVE to read this blog I just know it...ha) I will continue to write on this blog because I also love it here, with all of you, my 2 loyal readers :-)

Don't even think about asking for the blog address. But I will accept bribes in the form of cash.

And now with 3 blogs (not to mention a toddler, a husband, a job, life in general ... and a partridge in a pear tree) I will be getting even less sleep. Good plan, Anne. No one has ever accused me of being a genius.

But my blogs are like my children (if I actually had more than one kid): I love them all equally. But have my secret favorites, of course ;)

My truth is here, but it is also out there ... somewhere ...


  1. Gasp! I had noticed that your blog posting seemed to have taken a dramatic turn for the less frequent and wondered what was up. Glad you went ahead and started it and glad it's working so well for you! But geez, now I'll be left wondering where in the heck it is. I don't have any cash for bribery, but I'll have to work on figuring something out...

  2. Our relationship is so new and you're already cheating? The horror!

    Haha, glad you have somewhere where you can be TOTALLY free. What a lovely feeling that must be.

    But you have more than two loyal readers, freakazoid! I can think of 3. Me, Melissa, and Laura (the girl next door). ZING, one point for Marianne!

  3. I love it. And I *so* know what you mean about needing that outlet. I've considered the same, but can't imagine running another blog at this point. Good for you!

  4. Aww man...I wish I could know. Your bribe is on it's way to you in the form of a big brown box with something inside that vibrates!! Do I get the address now? lol.

    I'm glad you found another outlet....good for you!

  5. You have 3 blogs now? This one, the private/personal one, and what else? Wow!!!

    I bet it does feel nice to be able to write stuff that no one else can read. It's your journal. And I am sure it's very therapeutic!

    And you obviously have more than 2 loyal readers... I mean, I am the 5th person to comment!

    Have a lovely day!

  6. I like this idea and may have to go on a quest to find the hidden blog. I bet it is much more interesting than you are giving it credit for.

  7. I am totally with you. There are just somethings that I want to get off my chest, but not necesarily in the public. I have got a few blogs.

  8. I had never considered this before, but I like it. I have been super busy these past few weeks and haven't blogged as often as I would like, but a lot of what I would like to say is kinda too private, but I need to "share" ya know?

    Good for you and thanks for the secret tip! :-)

  9. I knew something was going on! I'd be one of those people that have been here a few times and wondered where's the new post!

    It's a shame you can't link your anonymous blog to your public one.

  10. GASP! How *could* you?!?!

    Just kidding! I say "Rock On, Sista!"

    (And let me know how the three blogs thing goes...

  11. Thanks to Marianne for including me as a LOYAL reader!!!

    I have to say, I kind of am intrigued. Maybe instead of playing with my dog, I should be blog stalking you. If I find you, do I win a prize?

  12. You are funny. Inquiring minds what to know, LOL! Good luck with three blogs. I started a second now and it has been quite the challenge. You do feel like you are neglecting one when working on the other. Just like kids!! Funny!


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