Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Post That No One Will Read

July 27, 2010

"I will be posting things from time to time here, but not often."


And nearly 6 months later this is the first post on this blog since I got my new job. And this will most likely be the last :-(

I know you are all crying your eyes out because clearly I am a fantastic and prolific blogger. No one will even see this post. That's how cool I am.

I've started a new password protected blog. If anyone wants to follow along please leave me a comment with your name and email. I will send you the address and password! That is, if you want to hear about all of the mundane details of our daily lives. EXCITING, I tell you. Exciting.



  1. Well, you popped up in my news feed so I read the post!! E-mail addy is in my profile if you are so inclined... :)

  2. Anne, I was just thinking about you this morning and wondering where you were!! How crazy is that!! Yes, please include me on your invite only list!!

  3. I'm still reading!

    I'd love your password! brianuncc at gmail dot com.

    Thanks!! :-)

  4. Well, I saw it and of course I read it! Of course I had to think about whose blog it was- just kidding...kind of. But that's my mommy brain for you.

  5. See, you're wrong! People read it.

  6. Anne, I hope that your new job is going well! I'm sorry that you don't have any time for blogging, but I'm glad that life is well.

  7. Yep, you're wrong, people are watching and reading! Glad you're getting back into blogging again, you know I'll follow you wherever you head (just try to stop me!!!)...

  8. send it, chica!

  9. I just found your blog through Elizabeth and Isabella's mom--Catherine. You're wrong! People will read it!
    P.S. I am at diane@bafflingmagic.com


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