Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Let the Truth Be Told, On Tuesday

Truth? For Today?

Today I feel frumpy. And dumpy. And lumpy.

I wish I would get carded once in a while but all my gray hair gives me away, I think. Or is it that haggard, tired look that I wear most days that does it?

What I wouldn't give to be called "Miss" at the grocery store again. Just once. "Ma'am" sounds so.dang.old.

New Year's Resolution #152: Get my @ss to the gym.

And I want to be a blonde again. I really do think they have more fun ;)

How's that for some Christmas spirit?? ha.


  1. That's awesome... it makes me feel so much better about my Christmas "spirit."

  2. Blondes do have more fun, it is true. But fake blondes have fun and then cry because they are broke. Darn expensive good looking hair!

  3. i just ate a pound of Christmas candy.


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